We are not an asinine culture. We are not prominent in "fashion". We are not Fuccbois

If you've come here to purchase an original Off---White piece of clothing or products from the Yeezy line, we are sold out. Due to all the fuccbois, which is probably you; we decided instead of apologizing we really wanted to take this time to inform you that you are absurdly stupid. 

THIS IS IN NO WAY DISRESPECTING VIRGIL ABLOH OR MR. WEST. Although both are icons and basically developed the unwanted "Fuccboi". They and many others have given us the opportunity for the basic streetwear goer, to be able to step in the couture world. 

Purchasing an Off---White flannel or a Yeezy sweater does NOT give you the means to call yourself "well dressed." What it does show is your lack of understanding and progression within the social construct of the fashion world. You have every capability to create your own physical persona, such as Ian Connor and Aleali May, whom I respect. 

So please if you're reading this, Lets talk, Collaborate, or just Hire me.

because we are not.